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A better proposition for Religious Tourism should be made

Altagracia Corletto de Olmos, the director of Cultural Tourism (better known as Tati Olmos), proposed that a committee be created to jointly coordinate with various touristic circuits and clusters, in order to build momentum for the promotion of religious tourism in the country.

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) official explained the importance of such a synergy, which works as part of the proposals for the restored Colonial City, to support the preservation and promotion of historical, cultural and religious heritage of the country, and to encourage families to consider the preservation of tradition.

“A better proposition for Religious Tourism should be made, as we have around 13 temples in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo; and as part of a competitive tourism industry, we must carry out an investigation into religious tourism occurring elsewhere in the world, something which Dominicans must seize upon,” Corletto Olmos said.

Moreover, she praised the large number of foreign visitors and locals who attended services offered in the town’s temples and parishes, and across the country, during the Easter holiday. In this regard, she noted that the hotels in the Colonial City recorded high reservation numbers, of South American tourists, who expressed a strong interest in understanding Dominican history and traditions over Easter.

She announced plans to work regularly with national and international Tourist Promotion offices, with the goal of designing a package focused on the attractive offers of religious tourism. Moreover, she considered there should be a promotion of the devotion of believers from all of the country’s provinces, where various commemorate feasts are celebrated, dedicated to the patrons of each locale, which are expressions of cultural-religious “Festivities”, and held almost year round.

Included in the highlights were the festivals of, January 21, Virgen de la Altagracia in Higuey; May 30, Monte Cristi, Montecristi; June 24, San Juan Bautista in San Juan de la Maguana; July 25 Apostle Santiago in Santiago de los Caballeros; September 8, Our Lady of Remedios in Azua; September 24 Our Lady of Mercy in La Vega; November 21, Our Lady of Regla, BanĂ­; December 4, Santa Barbara de Samana, Samana, among others.

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