A touch of Spice in Punta Cana (3)

A touch of Spice in Punta Cana

When Krishna Duddukuri first visited Punta Cana he didn’t realize that he would feel so at home, “I came here for two weeks and felt that I was closer to India in my heart, all of my childhood memories came flooding back when I saw the flora and fauna, and even how crazy everyone drives here reminded me of India.” Krishna had spent ten years in Switzerland and decided it was time for a change, the Dominican Republic was his calling.

He wanted to share his feeling of the area with the local people, and decided to bring Pranama Indian restaurant to Los Corales, offering a mouthwatering selection of Indian food, including his personal favorite, butter chicken with coconut rice, as well as classic cocktails with an Indian twist such as the infamous rose mojito, in a beautiful and fragrant garden setting. After only two years, Pranama is contracted to a large local hotel to provide catering for events, and offers catering for weddings and private parties from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo.

Krishna is thrilled with his success and greets guests personally when they visit, “I always ask clients if they are ready for a journey of their taste buds, it is not only dining, but an experience of spices, flavors and colors”.  With Pranama growing so quickly, Krishna has plans to bring another cook from India, and would like to organize an Indian street food festival as well as host festivals such as Diwali and Holi, to introduce not only Indian food, but Indian culture to the area.

Pranama is soon celebrating its second year, and Krishna would like to thank all of his clients who have supported Pranama from the beginning. A small party is planned and details will be released soon. For more information and reservations, contact (829) 768-6262 or email pranamapc@hotmail.com.

Text submitted by Natalie Watson.

Photos Submitted by Pranama Indian restaurant

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