BAM Market in Punta Cana

“I always see crisis as an opportunity – always looking toward the future”

Fermin Fuentes was born in the little town of Salliquelo, Argentina with the population of eight thousand people.  In 1986 high inflation hit Argentina. “I had to work because my mother was a teacher and couldn’t afford to support me. With my first official salary I took a course in mental control-visualization. My life changed in that moment. I never was afraid. If you are clear about what you want to do, it will happen. With your thoughts you can control many things!”

Bam Market- Fermin Fuentes (6)

“My first great challenge, at age 19, was moving from Salliquelo to Buenos Aires with more than six million people, where I studied marketing and political science, while working at the same time.”

Fermin worked in sales until the economic crisis hit Argentina in 2001. He was then given the opportunity manage a company in Miami which provided uniforms to hotels and restaurants. During his six years in Miami he met his wife, Nilda Vilarino, and while working their main jobs, they acquired their real estate licenses.  All was well until the financial crisis in 2007.  “We were tired of the stressful life in the United States. We had visited and saw the opportunity of Bavaro-Punta Cana. We opened Cusie Boutique in el Cortecito that September. It was a family decision to come here, and have been working together since the first day.”

How did the idea for BAM Market occur?

“I saw that times were changing and we needed to open a new kind of business where people from Spain, Italy, Russia, USA, Germany can find something from their country and feel comfortable.  Because I was an immigrant and I know what it means to go to a place where you have something in common.  It’s very important for people living outside their country.  It’s really hard to be an immigrant.  I know that.”

Buenos Aires Market (BAM), is a specialty market providing groceries, fresh produce, bakery, deli, liquor and wine.

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  1. This place is unbelievable expensive. and there is another Italian one in front, just as badly priced, I don’t think he will make it for too long even the shoe place in the corner had to shut down.

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