Bamblue Deco Helps Homeowners Make Stylish Interior Design Choices

Have you recently bought a home in Punta Cana and are looking to furnish it? Where do you start? Bamblue Deco has everything you need to decorate your new home, can do it on any budget (large or small,) and offers a free interior design service.

Here you’ll find all you need to make your home away from home look and feel like the island paradise you imagine: furniture, appliances, drapes, prints, décor, outdoor living, and adorable knick-knacks to suit every style, from colonial splendor to cabin chic and everything in between.

Owners Gina Belzulce and Pedro Rodriguez source some of the finest furniture and design from around the world to help you make your Punta Cana home beautiful, inviting and unique. They go to the ends of the Earth – literally – to source quality furniture that is long-lasting and beautiful for the climate and style of this area of the Dominican Republic.

And Bamblue Deco has purchasing power when it comes to its household appliances – because of the store’s buying volume, they can pass the savings directly on to you.

When you buy a furniture package at Bamblue Deco, you receive an interior design consultation free of charge. Gina will consult with you on interior design choices at every stage of your move to Punta Cana, and she has helped many homeowners plan how their homes will look even while the properties are still in construction.

Whether you’re building a house from the ground up and wish to incorporate amazing decor and design right from the beginning, or simply wish to give your existing home the finishing touches that it deserves, Bamblue Deco is the place to go for style and comfort. Visit their website to see their portfolio of clients’ homes, and drop into the showroom at Plaza Tres Center to check out their latest arrivals.



Bamblue Deco

Plaza Tres Center No. 5
Avenida Estados Unidos
Tel: (809) 913-3111
Facebook: BamblueDeco

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  1. From the pictures, it looks like an amazing store! I’m definitely going to check the website out, I hope I can order something and have them shipped. That would be awesome.

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