bavaro live contest

Bavaro Live Contest!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Bávaro Live, good music for good ears, a program broadcast on Radio Kool 106.9 FM is celebrating its anniversary in the best way, inviting all the musicians in the country to participate in its competition. Those interested will have the opportunity to send in a jingle of their own creation that will be used for the program. The prize is a recording of an EP, the Bávaro Live jingle and an individual song, in the Studio 1 facilities, Bávaro. The winner will be chosen by the producers of the program in partnership with Musical Space, a music school in the eastern region. The contest rules have been on their fan page starting August 10.

Furthermore, a month ago Bávaro Live ventured into a new segment, called Music without Borders, which consists of interviewing international musicians from a different country each month.

A month ago now, every Wednesday they explored different musicians from the country of Argentina. Finally, they will say goodbye to Argentina with a typical string orchestra called “Sin Brothers”, to begin in a neighboring country with none other than T-time, a singer from Los Tetas, Chile.

Photos submitted by/ written: Juliette Fernandez

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Update Aug 15 2017. This program is no longer on air.

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