Beautiful Saona Island

The islands are perfect for vacation. The slight breeze, beautiful beaches, and serene setting allow such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. We took an amazing private trip to one of the most desired and gorgeous locations in the world: Saona Island. Located in the Province of la Altagracia, it holds multitudes of different types of wildlife and is a protected nature reserve. The crystal clear waters are easy to wade in and are only a few feet deep, even hundreds of feet off of the beach. As part of East National Park, it promised us beautiful landscapes and natural coastline. Saona Island definitely didn’t disappoint.

This was not a typical tourist trip to the islands. Our private tour was extremely well thought-out, and put relaxation at the forefront of the experience. Lary Tours began our perfect vacation in the beautiful mainland city of Bayahibe, directly on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It’s gorgeous and calm waters were perfect for snorkeling, and we got to watch the locals fishing and really become a part of their culture for the short time we were there. There were gorgeous flowers everywhere in full bloom, the likes of which we’d never seen. We later learned that they are critically endangered and indigenous to the area, and are called the Bayahíbe Rose (or Pereskia quisqueyana).

As we were enjoying our short exploration of Bayahibe, the captain was preparing a nice boat for our comfort. It was only a short trip from the mainland, but the captain was careful to ensure that we enjoyed every moment. When we were arriving at the island, we saw such a beautiful and peaceful looking beach. We assumed that we’d see it filled with drunken 20-somethings, tanning, screaming and marring the beautiful views. We were so excited and surprised to see that it was a private beach. So private that it was literally empty, allowing us to see each inch of the beautiful white sand as we rolled over the gorgeous blue water.

The captain prepared fresh fish for us right on that beautiful beach and I have never experienced a vacation so lovely. We went directly to the only establishment on the peaceful island, Mano Juan. This is a trip that we will remember for years to come and is definitely not your typical tourist vacation. We can’t wait to take another destination trip with Lary Tours!

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  1. Saona Island looks absolutely stunning! And the fact that it’s off the tourist travel, is great. I love discovering new, ‘unknown’ places that the tourist market hasn’t discovered yet. A beach to myself on an island sounds perfect!

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