Capturing Magical Moments in Punta Cana

Milan Photo Cine Art is a local company offering professional wedding and advertising photography and cinematography in Punta Cana. The owner, Milan Vasovic, came to the island almost 20 years ago from Ex-Yugoslavia, which at the time was going through times of turmoil. Milan saw the island as a piece of heaven on earth, “The Dominican Republic enchanted my heart and I love being able to call this country my home.” Inspired by the beauty of his surroundings, he began to follow his passion for photography, “I was a graphic designer by education and digital art has always been part of my life, but photography is where my heart lies. Wedding photography, in particular, awakens all my senses and creative process, it brings out the best in me. There is no feeling mightier than to see the finished product, filled with the beauty of the day, of people, emotions and place harmoniously combined with your skills to bring yet more beauty and emotions to your clients that they will cherish forever”.

Milan Photo Cine Art focuses on wedding photography as it is what Milan enjoys most: “Once you learn all the dials, buttons, options, controls and your mind accepts the camera as an extension of your body – working as a photographer stops being a job. It becomes your own nirvana. A place where you feel complete. And being a wedding photographer is the best vocation as weddings are a concentration of love. I’ve witnessed immense happiness, joy, of course some tears here and there and above all I‘ve been able to capture love. A lot of it. With all of that it is not hard to see why I think that my job is absolutely the best in the world!”

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for a ‘photojournalist’ style of photography. This gives the photographer freedom to document the event without any interference whatsoever and taking photos as things happen. There are no carefully constructed portraits, and as most brides are not familiar with the workflow of professional photographers, they are leaning towards this more ‘natural’ style.

Milan prefers to offer an ‘editorial’ style, which is influenced by fashion photography as many photographers in this field have experience setting up and shooting fashion editorials. Shots are focused on generating dramatic images, with high visual impact. They are posed similarly to magazine shoots, with dramatic lighting and creative angles to produce photographs with a very high-end finish and highlight the absolute best features of the client. This style really tests the photographer’s ability: “Of course you must have a keen eye and a lot of experience to know and predict what is going to happen next and where your next beautiful photo lies. I tell the story – weaving together elements, creating compositions and bringing out the beauty and look of a bride and groom and their day. However, there is always some overlapping of creative processes. I normally do preparation and ceremony in a photojournalistic style, then with portraits and pre/post wedding photo-shoots or with Trash the Dress sessions I almost always go editorial”.



Milan also loves working with video as it opens up yet more creative horizons. Whenever possible he personally films events, but often his role in a wedding is as the photographer. With over 10 years of experience he has many great cinematographers who he now calls friends, “they are great people and artists and I’m lucky to be able to rely on them for help, the same as they can rely on my help if they need it”. Milan personally edits all of the material into the final product. “Video editing is equally important as filming itself. It can make or break the result”.

And the biggest goal in wedding photography? For Milan, it is an easy choice: Emotions. “A tear on mom’s face, dad hiding behind his sunglasses, a bridesmaid’s happiness, the groom’s excitement of the new beginning, and the bride’s confident smile… My goal is to make all of these exceptional moments eternal with a photo and prepare them to be relived for generations to come.”

Written by Natalie Watson, photos by Milan Vasovic, cover model Karen Anne St Clair.

Milan Vasovic

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