ismael cala en puerto rico

The series “Ismael Cala en Puerto Rico,” another of the host’s major projects in his new professional chapter, made its debut yesterday on the channel On DirecTV. “Ismael Cala en Puerto Rico” has five one hour chapters. The show will be aired in Latin America and the United States shortly after its premiere in Puerto Rico. The purpose ofRead More →

Viva Puerto Rico

Jimmy Smits narrates this story spotlighting the work of three conservationists There are important conservation efforts underway in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to protect its endangered native wildlife from extinction on land and sea. Once home to ancient rainforests that covered the Caribbean island when Columbus first landed inRead More →


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. One of the most frequent procedures in Aesthetic Surgery is the silicone implant breast augmentation. Although many women are afraid to go through the procedure because of misinformation and rumors about cancerigenous properties of these implants. Those rumors were dismissed by the American Medical Association, thereRead More →

Aroma’s Museum: Highlighting The Cultural History Of The Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Aroma’s Museum in El Cortecito is dedicated to a cultural history of the Dominican Republic that often gets overlooked: the importance of coffee, cocoa and tobacco in the nation’s history and development. Spanish coffee and tobacco merchant Miguel Angel Fernandez used to visit the Dominican RepublicRead More →