Villiger Cigars Hires Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia joins Villiger Cigars as advisor to the Villiger International Handmade Cigar Division. Villiger Cigars proudly announces that Manuel Garcia will join the Villiger International Handmade Cigar Division. This announcement comes as the company continues to bolster its rapidly growing premium handmade cigar presence in the market place. Manuel Garcia gained global recognitionRead More →

Author Ginny Bar

In her new book, Fearless Women at Work, Five Powerful Strategies to Thrive in Your Career and Life!, certified executive coach Ginny Baro, Ph.D. devotes an entire chapter to the importance of female executives harnessing their feminine energy along with their masculine energy. In the chapter “Taking Off the Man Suit,” sheRead More →

Puppy Manners

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Puppy Manners was conceived when Salvador Alba, who up to the moment was only walking dogs as a way to have an extra income, starts coming across cases of dogs that had never been outside and needed an adaptation process before they were able to enjoyRead More →

aura celeste

Dominican Republic. The Center of Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce chose Aura Celeste Fernández to represent the Center at the Interamerican Commercial Arbitration Commission. The Interamerican Commercial Arbitration Commission was founded in 1943 to fulfill the need of an InterAmerican arbitration and conciliation system capableRead More →

Jose Manuel Hill local artist Punta Cana

Dividing his life between the worlds of business and the artistic, this Spaniard presents us with a series of acrylics that are the final realization of the plastic arts; trees and palms, some imaginative, some which contemplate from their lofty point the beauty of the beaches around us. His skillsRead More →

Kathleen Martinez

In the annals of world history, few names are as recognizable as Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt. Cleopatra VII was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last pharaoh of Egypt. For centuries, archeologists have been searching for her tomb.  But there have been very few clues about theRead More →