Manuel Olivo Teammobilia

The application of regulation 50-13, which gave fiscal administration to Law 253-12 of the Tax Reforms, with regards to the real estate Tax (RET), has dealt a blow to the real estate market in the Dominican Republic, a sector which was already facing difficulty and which needed different treatment by the authorities in order to recover. The Tax Reforms have come at a bad time for the sector which was already struggling thanks to the real estate and financial crises of Europe and the United States.Read More →

Real Estate Tips

Punta Cana has emerged to become a hot-spot of tourism and the most favored tourist gateway in the world, today. Strategically located on the eastern coast of Dominican Republic, this culturally rich natural wonder is fast becoming one of the most lucrative and profitable places, in Caribbean region, from real estate business perspective as well.Read More →


The Color of the Year in 2012 was the “spirited,” “dramatic,” and “seductive” Tangerine Tango, intended to provide a boost of energy for the New Year. In 2013, Pantone chose Emerald, a “lush” green shade that evokes harmony and balance. 2014’s choice was Radiant Orchid, a vibrant pink-purple to “intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.”Read More →