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Edison & T.Corp Takes Over The Dominican Republic

Among Edison & T.Corp’s travel, networking, and learning opportunities are rest and relaxation retreats. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the latest trip and identified several benefits of group excursions.

“I recently attended the retreat in Punta Cana,” said Edison & T.Corp’s Director of Operations, Fernando. “It was fantastic, as you would expect from a trip to the Dominican Republic! In addition to all the fun I had, I embraced lots of business-specific opportunities.”

Fernando identified networking as one of the event’s biggest perks. He interacted with the industry’s most prominent leaders, who traveled from all over the nation to be there. The company Director is in the process of following up with these individuals, with the goal of developing lasting relationships with them. These connections will likely lead to future partnerships, referrals, and guidance.

“There was also an award ceremony, which was great,” stated Fernando. “The atmosphere was full of energy and positivity – just like the Edison & T.Corp culture. The experience of watching people being rewarded for their hard work and growth is quite inspiring. It’s a reminder that in this line of work, the possibilities are endless.”

Edison & T.Corp Director of Operations Reviews Outcomes of Team Travel

According to Fernando, the Edison & T.Corp team embarks on group trips several times per year. They attend trainings, conferences, and regional community events. He has noticed that each time they venture from the office together, they grow stronger in distinct ways.

“Some of our most promising leaders show their potential when we’re away from the workplace,” Fernando continued. “When it comes to getting people to their flights on time, coordinating meals and reservations, and ensuring that everyone’s needs are met, these individuals really step up to the plate. It shows me who’s ready to take on new responsibilities.”

The company Director also sees enhanced morale whenever the group travels together. Visiting new places and changing up their routines is refreshing, and they can focus more on each other when removed from the usual daily distractions. Travel is a means of bonding, resulting in heightened positivity and productivity.

“Experience has taught me that traveling is fuel for creativity,” Fernando concluded. “Learning about different regions and lifestyles, visiting historical sights, trying new foods – it all helps people see things from different perspectives. These fresh points of view inspire new ideas, and the process of working together to cultivate them into exciting concepts is the epitome of collaboration.”

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