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Punta Cana has much to offer someone seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. As well as beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, and exotic dining, the region has a more relaxed, slower pace of life, and for many is more family-friendly than the rush of a metropolis.

Here are three transplants from Santo Domingo, professionals who have each found their own slice of paradise in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana Lawyer Angel Lebron
Lic. Angel David Lebron Santos, founding partner in Lebron & Jimenez. He can be reached at (829) 875-9878 or email at

Lawyer Angel David Lebron Santos has lived in Punta Cana for eight years. A founding partner in Lebron & Jimenez, he provides legal and tax services in Bavaro, and focuses on assisting real estate investors with the many hurdles faced in the local property market.

He is particularly impressed with how the area has developed over the years. “Punta Cana is such a welcoming community, and for me it’s been a great place to raise a child. When I first arrived, there wasn’t half of the infrastructure that there is now. It has evolved a lot, and is steadily growing and improving each day. The constant development of the area creates many opportunities; my team and I do our best to keep up with legal and municipal rulings around construction and tourist development.”





Gina Santana Garcia is a community manager on social media site She first visited Punta Cana in 2007 with her son and fell in love with the place. “We were at the beach in Los Corales, and seeing him playing around freely at the beach I decided that this was the kind of life I wanted to live, and the life I wanted for my child.”

It took almost seven years to make that dream a reality. “As a single mother it was a difficult decision, to move away from my family and career in Santo Domingo and start over. But then I met my husband, Jose, and everything changed. I moved here in January of 2014, and it was the best decision I ever made.”


Gina Santana CanaFly
Gina Santana Garcia. Gina is a community manager on social media site and can be reached at (809) 839-9343.

Gina has taken advantage of Punta Cana’s growing business community, which is increasingly dependent on social media. She loves the diverse aspect to the area. “You meet all kinds of people here, and I’ve been lucky to work with honest, hardworking people. I could never complain about my clients; we have a good working chemistry, and through working together many of them have become close friends.”

Having said goodbye to Santo Domingo, Gina has no plans to return to the capital. “Punta Cana is small, but it still has something of the feel of the city. Not spending hours each day in a taxi is a huge advantage, and knowing my child can run out and play safely is very important. Plus, of course, being able to walk to the beach is wonderful. I think the region is a great place to do business, and it’s easy to see why it’s so attractive for real estate investors.”

Dr. Jose Esmurdoc Salomon is a doctor who first came to Punta Cana in 1989. His clinic, Punta Cana Doctors, has just opened a new branch in Cortecito. He has travelled worldwide, but is particularly in love with Bavaro’s diverse feel. “Having an international airport right around the block, a peaceful community, an improved health care service, good schools, and mixed cultures and races; all of these factors make Punta Cana a very attractive option. More and more people are discovering the beauty of the region; obviously, there are many investment opportunities here in terms of real estate, and with those developments comes an improved quality of life for everyone –tourists, locals and ex-pats.”

Dr. Jose Esmurdoc Punta Cana Doctors
Dr. Jose Esmurdoc Salomon.
Jose is pictured here with his mother on the inauguration of the Bavaro clinic. The 24 hour emergency line is (809) 959-4002. More details on their services can be found at

He opened his second clinic in Cortecito because he wants to continue providing personalized medical attention. “That is something that is disappearing, and it isn’t a good thing. I want our patients to know that we care about them, that they’re not just a statistic. After all, they’re our friends and neighbors.”

For Jose, part of the attraction of Punta Cana is the welcoming spirit of the locals. “Everyone here wants a better life for themselves, their families, and their community. This is a place where people know and understand how to work together for the benefit of everyone. I have never felt like an outsider here at all. Others such as myself who have relocated here for work or business are an integral part of the community.”

There is also the relaxed feel of Punta Cana. “I wear Bermudas to work every day. People in Punta Cana know that what matters about a person is not their outward appearance, but their dedication to doing the best that they can.”


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