Celia Vargas in Punta Cana

Perfect Touches for a Perfect Day. A Punta Cana Wedding!

Some of the most important things a bride to be must consider for her wedding day are her flowers, make up, hair and nails. Here we talk to local experts to help you to decide how to organize these vital elements of wedding planning:

Celia Vargas of Verderana gives some great advice on flowers:
“The flowers are the most anticipated compliment of the wedding décor, everyone is excited to see what arrangement the bride has chosen, and of course to see who catches the bouquet at the end of the day! I fell into flower arranging by chance as I was asked to create a wedding at Casa Club in Punta Cana. As an owner of a restaurant I could easily organize the tables, but the flowers were completely new to me! I quickly taught myself everything I could, and found I had a hidden talent, I was then lucky to receive a Master Floral with designer Karen Tran in Santo Domingo INIBEP. I personally love Hydrangeas, one of this year’s most popular flowers, as well as peonies, orchids and garden roses. This season there is a huge trend towards white and green, with rustic gold details. Whatever our brides to be decide, we are proud to be such an integral part of her wedding day!”

Celia Vargas in Punta Cana
Celia Vargas in Punta Cana with one of her arrangements.


Celia Vargas Punta Cana
Celia Vargas Floral designs in Punta Cana


Mar Pena of @marmakeup advises on makeup:
“A month before the wedding, ladies should make sure their skin is well moisturized, and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and consuming acidic fruits which contain a lot of vitamin c and give luminosity to the face. The most requested style of makeup is something which is soft, nude and barely there. Brides to be want to look like virgins for their husband to be, and I work with the best cosmetics on the market to provide a look which is radiant, clean and natural. I always advice future brides to research, and make sure that they’ll receive the services if a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask for their experience, and most importantly, a test makeup before the wedding day”.

Mar offers services and packages to suit everyone, and over the past two years, has worked with 23 weddings. From her first tentative steps into the world of makeup 15 years ago, the world of cosmetics has grown, and now she is also licensed in the perfection of eyes, as well as other specialties such as Brazilian makeup.

Mars advice the day before the wedding? “I recommend that brides to be rest well the night before, no parties! Their bodies must be in harmony with the makeup, they can also help themselves by drinking linden tea, and showering the morning of the wedding in cold water”.

Bride by Mar Pena
Bride by Mar Pena

Finally Miu Hair and Nails give us some great tips:
“We have so many options for hair and nails. For the hair, we recommend something that looks stunning but does not need to be managed throughout the day, particularly if our bride is changing outfits. A loose mane that is naturally wavy, brides looking for a more youthful look can add braids which never go out of style. If a dress is very covered, we recommend a collected style which can also incorporate braids. We also love a styled hair that is then picked up and loose, it’s great if they want to mix up their look. Finally we have the tail or collected, which is an elegant and ideal option for a sometimes windy beach!
For the nails, this year there is a huge trend for delicate pearls or delicate stone. Personally I love the classic French manicure or a nude color which works well with both enamel and acrylic. This can also be personalized, for example, one of my brides had nothing blue included in her ensemble, I suggested that we border her French manicure with blue, and the result was simply stunning!

We offer services in house, or on location, but the most important thing is time and preparation! We have a lot of brides coming for a destination wedding, and with our hot and humid climate, preparations should begin at least two or three days before. However, we ensure that our brides feel completely pampered, we offer champagne and even president for a client that couldn’t drink champagne. We really do try to make the time that our bridal parties are with us as relaxing and fun as possible!

Always make sure that your stylist knows your type of hair, and if any extensions are needed. Once we know what you’d like, just sit back, relax, and we will make the magic happen!”

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