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Puppy Manners Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Puppy Manners was conceived when Salvador Alba, who up to the moment was only walking dogs as a way to have an extra income, starts coming across cases of dogs that had never been outside and needed an adaptation process before they were able to enjoy a walk. That’s when he starts his learning process about canine training and behavior until he finally obtains a certification as a Professional in Canine Obedience and Behavior at Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers.

Training a dog is much more than just teaching it tricks, and it requires teamwork because the goal is to create a strong bond with the dog and a communication channel so that our dogs can understand what we are asking of them and have the will do to it. When we seek the help of a professional, they should not only work with the dog but also with the owners so that they understand how to have the best relationship possible with their pets and to be able to include them in their daily lives.

Currently, we are part of the Dominican Association of Therapy and Service Animals (ADATS [for its initials in Spanish]) through which we are bringing professionals in the area of Animal-Assisted Therapy and the corresponding certifications to be able to offer this service in our community. The benefits that an animal can bring in therapeutic processes are countless, especially dogs, and this is why we are so interested in the matter, and we want to start developing this work in our country soon.

It is extremely important to teach children how to interact with a dog so that first of all, they understand that it is extremely important to ask for their parents’ and the dog owners’ permission before getting close to it, and then so that they do so in the right way, without being too invasive and being able to understand the warning signals if the dog feels uncomfortable. Not all dogs wish to be petted and to ignore this is the first cause of accidents and bites.

Those interested in improving the relationship with their pets, solving behavioral problems or simply learning a fun activity to do with their dogs, can get in touch by calling 809-850-0287 or through social media by searching for Puppy Manners.

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