We have to constantly make our lives richer. To do so, there’s nothing better than continuing to learn from ourselves, from others and from the world around us. Learning is a pleasure, not a duty. It’s a way of growing that we should never abandon, as we can never know enough.Read More →

Issue 7- Palma Real Shopping

The shops at Palma Real Shopping Village, offers an upscale shopping experience in an open-air setting. Located in the heart of Bavaro, across from the 27 hole golf course of the Cocotal Golf & Country Club, this beautiful Mediterranean styled shopping center offers over 75 commercial spaces with national and international branded retailers.Read More →

Issue 7- Villa Caoba- Dolls

As visitors (or residents) of one of the Caribbean’s largest tourist destinations, we have a moral obligation to give something back to the people who live in the communities that we visit- and live in. It is simply the right thing to do to help people who struggle with basicRead More →

Amaya Salazar has a unique style and works with fabric, paper, bronze, resin, metal, etc. She is an important artist with an international level projection, which not only excels in the art world, but also uses the feminine figure with her muse. Soraya Abu Naba, a young artist represented by the Gary Nader gallery in Miami, already has work that belongs to important collections.Read More →

For the past two years Roundhouse Multimedia has focused primarily on luxury hotels & resorts, providing enhanced Guest Experiences through various non-traditional music initiatives. As a result they have recognized the need and demand to have more of a presence in the Caribbean & Latin America, which prompted the upcoming opening of their new office in Punt Cana.Read More →