Dominican Republic. With a long-standing reputation as a desirable vacation destination, Dominican Republic is earning its name as the go-to spot for business travel. Whether you’re planning an intimate incentive trip or a 1,000-attendee international getaway, look no further than Dominican Republic. With its stunning and varied natural landscapes, world-class accommodationsRead More →

aura celeste

Dominican Republic. The Center of Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce chose Aura Celeste Fernández to represent the Center at the Interamerican Commercial Arbitration Commission. The Interamerican Commercial Arbitration Commission was founded in 1943 to fulfill the need of an InterAmerican arbitration and conciliation system capableRead More →

Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE)

Tourism industry executives at this year’s Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) conference announced several developments to the future of the country and expressed great enthusiasm for the projects to come. Radhamés Martínez-Aponte, Technical Vice Minister of Tourism, opened the event with a number of updates pertaining to Dominican Republic’s overallRead More →


Guzmán Ariza law firm created an environmental and business department that will offer sustainable business consulting, environmental permits, environmental impact studies, structuring and implementation of green projects, corporate social responsibility, environmental litigation and environmental education. This unit will be head by Giselle Pérez Reyes and will closely work with theRead More →

“Season your admiration for a while with an attent ear,” Horatio tells Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. Now theater lovers can listen with an attent ear to a very special “Caribbean seasoned”  production of the Bard’s most famous play. The Ministry of Culture is presenting Hamlet with a Latin twist at the PalaceRead More →

Manuel Olivo Teammobilia

The application of regulation 50-13, which gave fiscal administration to Law 253-12 of the Tax Reforms, with regards to the real estate Tax (RET), has dealt a blow to the real estate market in the Dominican Republic, a sector which was already facing difficulty and which needed different treatment by the authorities in order to recover. The Tax Reforms have come at a bad time for the sector which was already struggling thanks to the real estate and financial crises of Europe and the United States.Read More →


With a prominent population of Roman Catholics, Easter is one of the Dominican Republic’s most celebrated holidays. Festivities, such as colorful parades and feasts of fish and seafood delight visitors and natives alike. The summer-like days and warm nights invite travelers who are weary of still cool spring weather to visit the DR during Easter, especially Holy Week and observe Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday at the island’s most famous churches.Read More →