Domenico Cigars

Founded by German Expat, and local Punta Cana resident, Michaela Ströml, Domenico Cigars offers an authentic custom handmade tobacco. Founded on 2001, the factory quickly established itself as a high quality product, competing with the already existing premium brands worldwide. Dominican Premium Cigars attract a lot of cigars smokers allRead More →

Pina Colada Pinata Punta Cana water melon

From letters to fruits, logos… Carolin Cruz can personalize a piñata just for the occasion. Prices range between USD 12 and USD 30. For samples, check out her Instagram page at PinaColadaPinatas. For order information or to receive a catalog with sample shapes email, or call (809) 455-7713.  Read More →

Mosquito Repellent Punta Cana Local Business

Prevent insect bites with the repelling forces of lemongrass (Citronella) and eucalyptus essences, designed to keep pesky bugs away. If a critter manages to sneak past your defenses this double action salve will sooth the itchiness and heal your skin. Contains disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and calming agents. Ingredients: Moringa Oleifera Oil,Read More →

Fermin Fuentes was born in the little town of Salliquelo, Argentina with the population of eight thousand people. In 1986 high inflation hit Argentina. “I had to work because my mother was a teacher and couldn’t afford to support me. With my first official salary I took a course in mental control-visualization.Read More →

Chinola Ninos Liquor Punta Cana

Chinola, Passion Fruit, Grandilla, Parcha or Maracuja – call it what you want! Just don’t pass up the opportunity to taste it! Not only is this exotic fruit tangy, aromatic and delicious, it packs a hearty nutritional punch in healing properties- even the crunchy seeds are highly beneficial! It isRead More →