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The Three Cs of a Home Inspection

Spend $500 now to avoid major financial problems in the future

So you’ve found a slice of Paradise nestled by the Caribbean Sea. Sun. Sand. Siestas.

Don’t you want to make sure that your island home is perfect?

Many newcomers to Punta Cana fall in love with a property and overlook the important details about the condition of the building – potentially a hugely costly mistake.

A home inspection is essential before buying real estate. You can discover if your future home has any major structural damage or is in need of costly repairs. Every potential homeowner in Punta Cana should get an inspection. Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement in the Dominican Republic, but that is only more reason for you to do so.

“A quality home inspection can reveal crucial information about the condition of a home,” advises architect and home inspector Ana Maria Nunez. “You will know what repairs and maintenance the home needs, and this might affect how much you are willing to pay for the house.”

Is there a mold problem? How secure is the foundation? These are all questions you need to ask before purchasing any property. “All houses come with wear and tear, but a proper home inspection will reveal any serious health or safety hazards,” says Ana Maria.

Is the house built to local standards? Have additions been put on, or structural alterations made that do not meet construction code? Did the owner get all the proper permits to make any alterations to the house? “It’s vital that you protect yourself and make sure you’re not taking on any unwanted liability,” says Ana Maria.

Most home inspections in Punta Cana cost around $500 (more for a larger property).

It may well be the best $500 you ever spend.

For home inspection information in Punta Cana, contact Ana Maria Nuñez at (809) 979-7628, or email anamaria_nunez@hotmail.com


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