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Whale Watching at Samana

Few things capture the human imagination the way that whales and other sea life can. Wildlife parks can offer people the chance to see whales up close, but nothing compares to seeing one of these magnificent creatures in its natural habitat. The Dominican Republic’s Samana Bay is a beautiful whale watching hub where locals and travelers alike gather to watch humpback whales migrate for their mating season.

The mating season for humpback whales typically lasts from mid-January to the end of March. During these months, humpback whales swim from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean to Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic. Humpback whales during mating season are at their most active and animated, with males competing to impress females, and females caring for their young calves. During this season, more than 1,500 humpbacks will visit the bay to find a mate. At any given time during a visit, as many as 300 whales can be seen at a time.

During mating season, humpback whales will exhibit many exciting behaviors. Jumping above the surface of the water and crashing back down onto the surface, called “breaching,” is a beautiful exhibit of their power. To gain the attention of fertile females, males will engage in physical competition, breaching the surface and also slamming their heads and bodies against each other. Female whales who mated the season before will return to Samana Bay to give birth in the warm water, and their young calves can be seen swimming alongside them.

If you ever needed a reason to get away in the winter, consider visiting Samana Bay, where the weather from January-March averages 20-25 °C (70-80 °F). The beautiful weather this time of year is perfect for whale watching, which is offered as part of the Samana whale watching tour from Punta Cana offered at

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