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Yoga and Wedding, the perfect match

Your wedding day is here!

Months of preparation and planning have kept you busy; making sure that every detail is there for this special day. Guest’s presence, especially when you are celebrating away from home, also means that you have made arrangements to make them feel comfortable, given guidance on what to do and where, or shown them around for several days.

On this day, on top of it all, you should stay energized, look rested and feel relaxed. This is only possible when you take time for yourself, and what is better that a yoga session. The good news is that you don’t require any previous experience to enjoy the benefits of this practice.

Actually, yoga is a great way to reduce stress on your wedding day, as a solo moment to connect with your inner self or to bond with your partner. A yoga session as a group activity for you and your guests, with an integrative class adapted to all levels practitioners, is great to put everyone on the same mood. The great thing is that your guests, no matter their age, can participate.

Freeing your mind of past and future activities and staying focused on your body and mind, for as short as an hour, will balance your emotions, boost your happiness, improve your posture, lighten your face, calm your mind, and energize your body.

Make yoga part of your wedding day activities.

Yira Carrasco-Kemlin
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
Phone: (809) 720-5052
Email: ananda.yoga@me.com
Facebook: Ananda Yoga Punta Cana

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